Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Geniuses : Isaac Newton, Masa Kecil yang Kreatif

Mau tahu seperti apa masa kecil dari manusia yang banyak dianggap paling genius dalam sejarah manusia? Silakan baca dulu tulisan di bawah ini.

While in school, Isaac Newton had a reputation as a day-dreamer (Hitzeroth and Leon 15). His teachers complained he was idle and inattentive ( history/mathematicians/Newton).

In the school Newton attended, the students that were more intelligent sat in the front, and the less intelligents at in the back. Guess where Newton sat? He occupied the back.

His teachers doubted that Isaac would ever amount to anything( He did a wonderful job of showing them up. Because of Newton's appearance of not wanting to learn, his mother removed him from school at fourteen and brought him home. Before he was taken out of grammar school he had created many interesting and useful gadgets.

One of these toys was a model windmill. After school Isaac would stopby a windmill that was going up in the town. He spent many hours watching it, and he thought he could build a wind mill just as good as the men (Hitzeroth and Leon, 15). He soon built one and enjoyed showing it off to the children at school (Hitzeroth and Leon,15). [picture B, Importance of Isaac Newton, 15]

He also spent time making a waterclock. This contraption was four feet tall. It worked by dripping water from one cup toanother filled with a wooden float. When the float rose, the hand on the clock rotated. Since there wasn't the need for the minute hand back then (people hadn't grown to becoming as attached to the concept of exactness in time yet), Newton's invention became very useful around the house. [picture C, Importance of Isaac Newton, 14]

Another thing he created were lanterns to fly on his kites. He would tie the small lanterns to his kite, fly them in the darkness of night. Hitzeroth and Leon said this caused the town folks to believe there where demons in the skies, but then they soon realized itwas just Isaac at his games again.

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