Sunday, December 4, 2011


Toronto Review: "'The Raid' - One of the Best Action Movies, in Years!"

Woooowwww!!! Breaking News! Breaking News!
Kebetulan sebelumnya saya sedang melihat-lihat website, salahsatu website berita film Hollywood paling populer. Dan waktu melihat halaman trailernya, saya melihat sesuatu yang cukup mengejutkan, sebuah film berjudul "The Raid" tapi disitu tertulis "Indonesian action film trailer". Film Indonesia di
Comingsoon? Wow!

Tapi tanpa terlalu banyak ekspektasi saya lalu mencari trailernya di Youtube, dan segera setelah melihat trailernya, langsung saya menjadi super excited! Actionnya benar-benar gila! Bahkan lebih keras dan lebih spektakuler dari kebanyakan film-film Hollywood sekarang. Ini akan menjadi film yang dikenal di seluruh dunia!

Lalu saya ke Wikipedia untuk melihat ulasannya. Dan dari sana saya menjadi tahu bahwa film ini ternyata sudah benar-benar mulai mengguncang industri perfilman dunia! Film ini telah mendapatkan pujian bertubi-tubi, bahkan disebut sebagai salahsatu film action terbaik di dunia dalam 10 tahun terakhir! Segera saya meng-google film ini untuk mendapatkan info lebih banyak, dan apa yang saya dapatkan benar-benar mengejutkan! Film Indonesia ini akan segera menggebrak Hollywood!

MSN Entertainment, "'The Raid' packs more action into a small number of sets in a limited location than Michael Bay can into an entire galaxy, or than Jason Statham can in all his globetrotting Transporting,... it's hard to imagine seeing a better, burlier, brisker or brighter action film this year". Rating 4.5/5., "The Raid' - One of the Best Action Movies, in Years!", "I saw the Indonesian film The Raid at the Toronto Film Fest, and it's crazy, with insanely awesome action non-stop throughout". "The first half opens with the SWAT team raiding the building in full tactical gear and it has better action choreography than most Hollywood films."

The Hollywood Reporter, "Toronto Film Festival 2011: 'The Raid' Starts Midnight Madness on a Butt-Kicking Note.
", "This movie is a whole mess of bone-crunching, face-pummeling, throat-slicing and fist-pounding awesomeness. The midnight screening had people cheering, wincing and shaking their heads in disbelief".

Twitchfilm Review, "Gasps of delight were frequent and eager applause erupted after every set piece. This movie is an absolute crowd pleaser as Sony should discover when they release the film at a soon to be announced date. Let's all hope they give the film the exposure it deserves as this is without a doubt the best action movie in decades!".

Ain't It Cool News, "Ray Sahetapy as Tama the crime lord might as well be the Indonesian Benicio del Toro". (!!!!)., "Moviegoers may wish the projectionist could replay some of the spectacular sequences in this incredible, and incredibly violent cop-vs.-gangster fight-athon, in which a SWAT-like unit invades a 15-story building and has to get to the top, floor by floor, to bring down the bad guy.", "MSN Movies' James Rocchi even went so far as to call it "the best Aristotelian-unity action film since 'Die Hard.' Holy crap!', Drew McWeeny over at HitFix called it "a near perfect action movie" and The Hollywood Reporter breathlessly described a screening had "people cheering, wincing and shaking their heads in disbelief.", "This Indonesian action flick is getting rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival.", "Iko Uwais may be the most dangerous man in movies today... 'The Raid' is not just a bone-crunching visceral experience, but it is also a tidy, efficient piece of storytelling with just enough pause for character to push this from good to great... It is a near perfect action movie... If Iko Uwais is the Gene Kelly of the genre right now, making it all seem like something he was born to do, then Evans is his Stanley Donen."

WOOOWWWW!!! Buat seluruh pembaca blog imperiumindonesia, sebarkan berita ini ke semua orang. Tqvm! Cheers for Indonesia!!!! Great times ahead!


Harry Budianto said...

semoga film ini mampu booming di indonesia...

kebanyakan orang yang mampir silent reader saja pak, tapi overall blognya bagus sekali pak...=)

klepto said...

ni di puter di Indonesia g y? liat trailernya sadis bgt, kyny bakal kena sensor dh, sayang....