Wednesday, September 10, 2008

IBM 2008 Global CEO Study: The Enterprise of the Future

Apa yang dibutuhkan untuk menciptakan
perusahaan terunggul di dunia?

Hungry for change. Wildly imaginative. Disruptive by nature. Totally wired to the people who matter most. To some people, this might sound like your average teenager. In fact, these are the qualities companies will need to thrive in the near future, according to our newest CEO study.

Every two years, IBM talks to some 1,000+ CEOs and public sector leaders worldwide. We ask these executives:

What are they thinking about?
Where are they investing?
What do they believe the Enterprise of the Future will look like?

We also reviewed the differences between outperforming and underperforming businesses. This is our third global CEO survey. Here’s what we found.

Hungry for Change

The Enterprise of the Future is capable of changing quickly and successfully. Instead of merely responding to trends, it shapes and leads them. Market and industry shifts are a chance to move ahead of the competition.

Beyond Customer Imagination

The Enterprise of the Future surpasses the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Deep collaborative relationships allow it to surprise customers with innovations that make both its customers and its own business more successful.

Globally Integrated

The Enterprise of the Future is integrating to take advantage of today’s global economy. Its business is strategically designed to access the best capabilities, knowledge and assets from wherever they reside in the world and apply them wherever required in the world.

Disruptive By Nature

The Enterprise of the Future radically challenges its business model, disrupting the basis of competition. It shifts the value proposition, overturns traditional delivery approaches and, as soon as opportunities arise, reinvents itself and its entire industry.

Genuine, Not Just Generous

The Enterprise of the Future goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and reflects genuine concern for society in all actions and decisions.

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