Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wind Chime

Wind Chime, beautiful details.. TIME mag.

Wah, baru baca-baca
majalah TIME yang coverstory-nya tentang krisis global (The Global Economy : How Can We Get Out of This Mess, Feb 16, 2009), eh malah dapat artikel ini. Dan ternyata, menarik dan dahsyat banget.

"During resort stints in the Turks and Caicos Islands, chef Felix Sienatra cooked for the likes of Bruce Willis, the Kennedy clan and the moguls of Silicon Valley. But the 43-year-old has never been one for glitz and glamour, and now that he's back in his native Indonesia, he's probably happier than he has ever been. A large part of that comes from the chance to finally helm his own restaurant, the Wind Chime.

Set in a gorgeous, 90-year-old Dutch colonial home in the backstreets of Bandung in West Java, the Wind Chime's tables are the most sought after in town."

Kalau penasaran, nih alamatnya

Wind Chime, Jl. Sawunggaling 10A, Dago, Bandung
Telepon: (022) 4239963, (022) 91120886

Dan daftar menu serta harganya

Escargots ..............Rp 39.500
Roasted rib eye .....Rp 96.000
Black angus beef ...Rp 99.500
Centre cut .............Rp 75.000
Medallion beef ......Rp 66.500
Fetuccini alfredo ...Rp 31.000
Mozzarela sticks ...Rp 28.500
Caesar salad .........Rp 19.500

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