Friday, February 15, 2008

Human Instrumentality Project

Apakah masa datangnya manusia-manusia super sudah akan tiba?

"Some experts believe that all genetic-based diseases will be eliminated by 2030. The widespread application of genetic and other technologies, it is thought, may also result in significant increases to human intelligence, memory, physical health and strength. Some expect the achievement of indefinite lifespans this century, and believe that immortals already walk among us".
George Dvorsky

"We are in the process of Entering, where technology reaches a level of sophistication and fine-structuring comparable with that of biology, allowing the two to merge, to create higher forms of life and intelligence".
Raymond Kurzweil, "The Singularity Is Near"

1. Transhumanism. 1
2. Human Enhancement. 2
3. Omega Point. 3
4. Childhood's End. 4
5. The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. 5

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