Thursday, February 21, 2008

Negara Kecil Paling Sukses di Dunia

The Port of Singapore is one of the busiest in the world, surpassing Hong Kong and Shanghai. In addition, Singapore's port infrastructure and skilled workforce, which is due to the success of the country's education policy in producing skilled workers, is also fundamental in this aspect as they provide easier access to markets for both importing and exporting, and also provide the skill(s) needed to refine imports, into exports.

Singapore Economy, Wikipedia.

Singapura yang Miskin..

9 Agustus 1965, Singapura dipaksa berpisah dari Persekutuan Malaysia. Lee Kuan Yew mengumumkan perpisahan ini di depan publik Singapura sambil bercucuran airmata. Ini benar-benar masa yang paling getir bagi Singapura. Banyak pihak di dunia yang menyangsikan bangsa kecil ini bisa bertahan lama..

(Lanjutan dari Wikipedia)
... As a tiny island, Singapore was seen as an inviable nation state, much of the international media was skeptical of prospects for Singapore's survival. Besides the issue of sovereignty, the pressing problems were unemployment, housing, education, lack of natural resources and lack of land.

Unemployment rate ranged between 10–12% and it threatened to create civil unrest. The loss of the access to the Malaysian hinterland market and the lack of natural resources meant that Singapore had no solid traditional sources of income. A large portion of the population lacked formal education, even when this statistic counted Chinese schools which the British did not recognize. Entrepot trade, the main use of Singapore's port and the original reason for Singapore's success in the 19th century, was no longer sufficient to support the large population..

Bagaimana Kelanjutan Nasib Singapura? Baca disini..

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