Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bill Gates : India bisa menjadi Economic dan Software Superpower

"The time is now for investment in education, Internet infrastructure, packaged software development and intellectual property to ensure India's future."

New Delhi, 4, March, 1997 — On the occasion of his first ever visit, Mr Bill Gates, Chairman & CEO of Microsoft Corporation, called on India to harness the power and potential of personal computers to lead the country into the twenty first century. In a series of meetings in New Delhi and Mumbai with business leaders, opinion leaders, educators, personal computer users, media and policy makers, Mr Gates outlined a number of imperatives that will enable India to make the necessary transition to the global networked economy.

"To be a leader in the digital economy of the twenty first century, India must invest in basic infrastructure, education and information technology," said Mr Gates. "These are the tools which will drive the country into the future and make India an economic and software superpower."

"The country's advantages are many. India has an excellent university system. Its computer scientists are among the leaders of companies worldwide. Its technology centres in Bangalore, Pune and other places are well respected," Mr Gates continued. "India has what it takes to participate in, even to shape, the future if it makes the necessary investments now. It must build a national telecommunications infrastructure, develop a robust domestic software industry, provide Internet connectivity for the consumer, and continue to invest in education."

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